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Tommy Art Colours

Liquid chalk colours are of acrylic type used in interior and exterior decoration. They produce a velvet and matte texture just like chalk.                                     


Long-time preparation is not necessary any more.

They can be applied on all surfaces (wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, etc.). No need to apply sandpaper or primer on the surface. Instead, they produce a base and retain the properties of the primer as they protect against moisture by closing the pores of any surface.

They are often used to restore furniture, walls, ceilings, floors, without any difficulty.


Their particularity is none other than the wonderful result they give to our objects. The romantic but also simple style of another era will excite you and revive your antiques or furniture you do not like anymore.

From simple bedside tables and chairs to entire libraries, they can be converted easily and faster than ever to neoclassical furniture, pale colours, with a wonderful matte finish.


Shabby chic

The process is simple. As there is no need for any special preparation.

You can use two chalk colours and a little transparent wax among them. One colour as a base, a little wax at some point to separate the colours, so when you remove the colour with the sandpaper the colour of the base is revealed

and give you a two-colour finish to the final result. Otherwise (without the base), the result is the actual colour of the object (e.g. wood). Whatever you choose, the effect of the old, worn but "shabby chic" style furniture, will come out with no difficulty.


Dry brush technique

Apply with a dry and soft brush the liquid chalk colour of your choice on furniture. Because it's too thick, you do not need a second hand.

Allow to dry and with a hard brush create the result of "worn out".

At the end you can apply a matt varnish or transparent wax varnish to keep the result as long as you desire.

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